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Little River is a small rural town that’s located 44 kilometres southwest of central Melbourne. It has headwaters going into the Brisbane Ranges but is shorter compared to the Werribee River eastward and Moorabool River to the west. Despite the suburban sprawl nearby, this charming station town is known for its lush fields and the You Yangs Road reserve. Today, the township has a primary school, pub, post office, petrol station, train station, and park, among others.

As a rural township, it’s safe to say that people in Little River take things slow compared to those living in the city. Homeowners have time to decorate their properties and ensure they are presentable to their neighbours and passing tourists. If you live in Little River and are looking for a way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, one way you can do so is by installing a retaining wall.

Our company has been building retaining walls in Geelong for many years. These structures can prevent soil erosion while improving the aesthetics of a yard. They have proven durability that can last for many decades. If you want to know more, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Advantages of Installing Retaining Walls

If you’re unsure why you should install a retaining wall in your home, consider the benefits you can get below:

Improve Property Drainage

One of the main benefits property owners can get by installing retaining walls in Werribee is providing additional drainage around important structures. The presence of water after rain can be a problem for any structure as it can cause wood to rot or steel elements to corrode.

With retaining walls, you can install proper agg pipes to draw water away from these areas and direct them toward the existing drainage system.

Stops Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is another significant risk that most structures face, no matter the climate. Structures need to be firmly anchored to the ground and ensure that they have the structural support necessary to keep them upright.

Retaining walls allow you to maintain the integrity of the land since it prevents soil erosion. Besides stopping soil from eroding, these structures can also prevent flooding.

Provide Flat Areas

Anyone who has worked in the yard knows that flat areas are far easier to work with compared to steep slopes. The good news is that you can use retaining walls in Lara to create the desired flat surfaces in certain areas of your property.

You can install retaining walls to get rid of sloping parts in the yard and use these flat surfaces to erect stable foundations or set up a flowerbed.

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