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Retaining Wall Builder Geelong

Are looking for ways to transform your landscape into a paradise? Complete Retaining Walls Geelong can help you build retaining walls that are suitable for your property and increase the visual appeal of your landscape. We believe that your property’s landscape should communicate the value and tranquillity to your visitors. We have been constructing retaining walls Melbourne residents consider to be classic, durable, and require less maintenance for years. With our conceptual approach and unlimited creativity, we can create a retaining wall that is both stunning and highly effective. Read on to hear more about services.

Who are our retaining wall builders?

Our team has been building retaining walls for years. We have worked in both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team of retaining wall builders can construct retaining walls that have charming designs that bring out the real value to your property. We can work from concept creation to building retaining walls that you will find alluring.

We have happy clients in many suburbs across Geelong that include Belmont, Leopold and Moolap. If you’re searching for the best “retaining wall builders Geelong”, get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Why Build a Concrete Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall can be a stone, concrete or timber structure that is constructed to provide additional support to the landscape of a property. It may serve a functional as well as decorative purpose depending on your needs. Apart from rarely these retaining walls failing, there are many reasons why homeowners construct retaining walls on their properties. These reasons include:

What is the most cost-effective Retaining Wall?

Since the purpose of retaining walls goes beyond soil retention, Geelong homeowners may be considering building a retaining wall on their property for functional or aesthetic purposes. The cost-effective way of undertaking such a project depends on different factors such as the type of soil, location etc. As a rule of thumb, the type of retaining walls materials used greatly influence the overall cost for the project. Timber sleeper retaining walls are cheaper compared to concrete sleepers and sandstone. However, it is not as durable as the other retaining wall materials. Durable materials last longer but will have a comparable price tag such as concrete retaining walls.

Our contractors can help you undertake the project at affordable costs. We have retaining wall specialists who can complete the project within set timelines without compromising on quality. We can blend your desire for a breathtaking view and design landscaping that makes your property elegant. Our work can be seen across Geelong in suburbs such as New Town, North Shore and Drumcondra, Werribee and other suburbs across Vic. 

Types of Retaining Walls?

There are different types of retaining wall systems available including:
Gravity Retaining Walls

A gravity retaining wall uses its weight to retain soil. It is built using materials that are heavy, such as large rocks, large concrete blocks that are able to resist the earth's lateral pressure. There are three main pressures that act on gravity retaining walls which are; the vertical forces due to the weight of the load, the lateral forces that act on the back of the wall, and seismic loads. They have a better setback, which improves their stability. Their design and construction depend on the design of the architect, but if the retaining wall is low, it may be built without using mortar.

Reinforced Retaining Walls

Reinforced retaining walls have a high tensile strength which helps the retaining wall to overcome the earth's lateral force. High tensile strength materials are used to overcome the failure mechanisms associated with retaining walls. The height of the retaining wall depends on the type of soil and nature of the terrain, setback and the type of blocks used. It is important to understand the nature of the property when designing the retaining walls so that you factor in all the existing conditions while choosing the right type of retaining wall.

Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

Sheet pile retaining walls are used for retaining masses of soil, and for support during deep excavations. This wall may provide temporary or permanent walls. Some of their advantages include:

  • They are recyclable and reusable
  • They are suitable for temporary as well as permanent walls
  • They may be used as an effective water seal because of their close-fitting joints
  • They are easy to install, which make them less labour intensive.

Anchored Retaining Walls

Anchored Retaining Walls are pinned at both the top and bottom to help hold back a mass of soil. The anchored walls, also called tieback walls, use anchors that pin to the wall and are anchored to a rock or soil behind it. Cables or stays may be used as anchors. They are useful in areas that experience high loading, and anchoring will be the suitable method to increase the strength of the retaining wall. This style is always recommended over timber retaining walls.

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental Retaining Walls are built using interlocking modular blocks. The walls are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, due to their astonishing finishing. They consist of a solid facing system and a lateral tieback system for resisting the earth's lateral pressure. Some of the advantages of using segmental retaining walls include:

  • They are quick to install
  • The modular blocks are available in different colours, textures and sizes
  • They do not require a concrete footing

Panel Retaining Walls

Panel Retaining Walls are constructed using precast concrete panels. The concrete panels are strong and may be reinforced using galvanized steel and chemical additives. Some of the advantages of building this type of wall include:

  • The retaining wall is easy to install
  • They improve the aesthetics of your outdoors
  • They may help you reduce the rate of erosion
  • They can be installed on sites that have limited access

Gabion Mesh Retaining Walls

Gabion mesh retaining walls use gabion mesh also called baskets, that are filled with stones and tied. The durability of this type of wall depends on the strength of the gabion mesh used. They create a beautiful type of retaining wall that blends well with nature, yet serving a functional and decorative purpose. Some of their advantages include: They are easy to construct The wall helps to decrease water velocity, which reduces erosion They are permeable which make them suitable for use in waterlogged areas. This can be used instead of or in conjunction with stone retaining walls.

Rendered Retaining Walls

Rendering walls has both practical and functional benefits. It is an ideal option to improve the appearance of your existing retaining wall and make it blend well with your surroundings. This improves the texture of your wall while shielding it from extreme weather which is quite common in Australia. If you're wondering whether rendering walls is worth it, think of the long-term reduction in maintenance costs, and possibly an increase in the value of your property. It's more than just a project; it's an investment into your future.

Concrete Block Retaining walls

A concrete block retaining wall may be an ideal solution against soil erosion and flattening of the slope. They can add style and support to your property. They are constructed using concrete retaining wall engineering techniques to ensure that the wall is strong and stable. The wall may be reinforced to provide additional support. Concrete wall blocks are available in different sizes and colours which gives you unlimited options for designing a wall that reflects your feeling towards the property. This type of wall is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Of all the retaining walls concrete are the most popular.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete sleepers retaining walls are suitable for many purposes due to their texture, and beautiful customizable designs. They are durable and have an average lifespan of between 50 to 100 years. This type of retaining wall requires minimal maintenance, which may save you in costs. The benefits of building concrete sleepers retaining walls include:

  • They are durable and require low maintenance costs
  • They are available in different textures, sizes and designs. They can be customised to suit your ideal landscape.
  • They can be used for marking boundaries as well as on tight spaces.

Over the years, our retaining wall specialists have built astonishing concrete sleeper retaining walls residents love. We can design and build a suitable retaining wall that makes your home welcoming, and bring elegance to your home, even if you’re looking for a retaining wall builder in Sunbury. Our team builds Geelong retaining walls that stand the test of time. 

Rock Retaining Wall Geelong

What are the different types of rock retaining walls?

Rock retaining walls are built from different materials such as large rocks and stones as well as stone-like materials (e.g. sandstone) to give a perfect finishing. There are several benefits for building a rock retaining wall that include:

  • They are considered effective at controlling soil erosion
  • They drain easily which helps them to overcome the pressure from damp soil masses. 
  • They are aesthetically pleasing which makes them easy to use for various purposes such as creating garden beds

Building a rock retaining wall requires having a stonemason, who are rock retaining wall specialists. We have experienced retaining wall builders who have constructed charming boulder walls Geelong residents consider to be enchanting. Our work spreads across various suburbs right across Geelong and up to Bacchus Marsh. We have worked in areas that include Leopold, Moolap, New Town and North Shore. Always ensure you use a specialised retaining wall builder for your project. 

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Retaining Wall FAQ’s

Homeowners in Geelong require a permit from the local council before they undertake their retaining wall project. Any development work on properties, including constructing retaining walls and stairways, require a permit from the municipality. We can help you apply for the building permit from the local council to shorten the gap between the planning and commencement of the project.

There are various factors that influence the cost of building a retaining wall. These factors include:

    • Location – If your property is situated in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions, as is the case for Australia, reinforcement may be required to improve the stability and strength of the wall. At times, waterproofing may be crucial when we are in waterlogged areas.
    • Spoils – If the retaining wall project involves deep excavations, there may be an additional cost of transporting the debris. This is the case where backfilling is needed.
    • Type of material used – there are certain types of materials that require specialised skills to work on the project. For example, building rock walls or working with veneer material may require hiring a stonemason to work on the project. Usually, stonemasons are costly.
    • The type of designs used – there are certain types of designs that are costly to build. For example, a retaining wall with more steps costs more to build compared to another with a few steps.
  • Access – project sites that have limited access by machinery and equipment cost more compared to those with easy access. This is because labour replaces some of the work done by machines which increases the cost.

As a result of such variables, the landscaping retaining wall costs differ from one property to another. Complete Retaining Walls Geelong can build your retaining wall at competitive prices. Simply get in touch for a free assessment!

A retaining wall should be designed and built to retain both dry and wet mass of soil. Choosing an ideal design that serves both functional and decorative purposes may be challenging for many retaining wall companies. As result, a structural engineer will help you get the best retaining wall that serves its function. If well built, this will save you on maintenance costs. Complete Retaining Walls Geelong uses a structural engineer and retaining wall engineering techniques to ensure that the project is of high quality.