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There are several steps involved in creating a retaining wall. You’ll want to first excavate the site, dig out the holes, apply the concrete, ensure the ground is level, install the sleepers and drainage, and backfill it with soil after.

In this blog, we’ll share with you the steps a retaining wall builder would take in building these structures.

Step 1: Create a Plan and Layout the Site

Begin by planning the site and making a layout of the space you need for your retaining wall. We use stakes and string lines to mark the location while making sure everything is levelled.

This initial step is vital since it gives us an overview of the entire project.

Step 2: Excavate and Dig Holes

The next step is to dig down the line that was planned in the first step. We either use a shovel or an excavator depending on the size of the area that needs to be excavated. The whole line needs to be wider than the concrete sleepers we’ll use for the wall.

Once everything is levelled and clear, we start digging the holes where the posts will be inserted.

Step 3: Add Posts and Apply Concrete

Once the area has been excavated and prepared, we then place the posts in the holes. We make sure that they are all level and straight by using the string lines we’ve used from step 1. We do this to all of the steel posts or H beams.

With the posts levelled, we pour the concrete in the holes to secure them in place. Our crew will then check the posts to make sure they are level while allowing the concrete to set. If you’re still asking ‘can you build a retaining wall?’ and would like to learn more, read our blog to find out.

Step 4: Level Out the Soil and Install the Concrete Sleepers

In this step, we begin levelling the ground underneath where the concrete sleepers will be placed. We then start placing the sleepers one by one and secure them by using wooden blocks.

These blocks are useful in tightening the concrete sleepers in place and preventing them from moving after being installed.

Step 5: Use Builder’s Film and Install the Drainage Pipe

Now that the concrete sleepers have been installed, we then apply a builder’s film behind the retaining wall. This material will help prevent moisture from remaining in contact with the sleepers and possibly causing problems at a later date.

Additionally, we install what’s known as an ‘agg pipe’ that will help drain away water from the wall. This is made possible since the pipe will be connected to the existing storm water drainage system.

Step 6: Backfill With Scoria and Soil

Finally, we’ll backfill your retaining wall by using scoria first and then filling the rest with soil.

Your Retaining Wall is Done

At this point, you have a brand-new retaining wall complete for your needs. If you have any more questions or want to know more about what is a retaining wall, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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