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The most affordable type of retaining wall is the timber retaining wall. These walls are normally made using treated pine or hardwood. Timber retaining walls provide a natural and organic appeal that makes them great for gardens.

In this post, we’ll talk about the cost associated with installing retaining walls and what you can expect from the most common materials available.

Why Should I Use Timber Retaining Walls?

A common reason to use timber retaining walls is because of their affordability. Compared to using concrete sleeper retaining walls, timber is relatively cheaper and easier to install.

However, this type of retaining wall won’t last for a long time and will only take a few years before experiencing its first issues.

Is a Concrete Retaining Wall More Affordable Than Block Retaining Wall?

A concrete sleeper retaining wall is more affordable than a block retaining wall. The main reason why block retaining walls are more expensive is because of the material and labour involved.

Furthermore, block retaining walls need to have strip footings installed for their foundations. This means concrete needs to be poured through the whole length of a wall, which adds to the cost.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls and block retaining walls are two of the most common types of retaining walls for construction.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall?

The cost to install a concrete sleeper retaining wall is between $400 to $650 per square metre. This amount is based on the materials and labour involved during the installation. Keep in mind that the actual cost will differ based on the waste removal and preparation that needs to be done at your site.

What Affects the Cost of a Retaining Wall?

These are the primary factors affecting the cost of installing a concrete sleeper retaining wall:

Height of the Retaining Wall

Your retaining wall’s height plays a huge role in determining its cost. This is especially true with retaining walls over 1 metre since you’ll need to get council approval as well as engineering from a licensed engineer and a geotechnical report. All of these things add up to the total expense.

Length of the Retaining Wall

Another factor to think about is the length of your retaining wall. The longer your concrete sleeper retaining walls will be, the more materials you’ll need to purchase.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Timber Retaining Wall?

Timber retaining walls normally cost about $250 to $360 per square metre when using treated pine. For treated hardwood sleepers, you can expect to pay around $280 to $450 per square metre. The total cost of your timber retaining wall will, once again, depend on its overall size and length.

Additionally, you should also think about the cost associated with hiring a professional retaining wall builder, especially for walls over 1 metre in height.